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Your Deal

The smallest legal flaw could break even the best deal. A good deal should withstand legal challenges.

Our endeavor is to help finding the best legal structure for your business deals.

Our Way

Any business requires experience. In the legal field, the application of academic ideas in everyday life leads to gaining experience. We formed as a team years ago, and now we have chosen our own path.

We started on this road as a team with common values ​​and objectives. We bring together the experience of everyday life with a solid academic background. We have written legal studies in our fields of activity, some of which are now considered landmarks in Romanian legal doctrine. But we have never forgotten the fact that, above all, we are lawyers and therefore our work remains dedicated to our clients.

Corporate, contract and commercial law

Our lawyers assisted clients in a wide range of commercial matters. Corporate deals (including incorporation of companies, creations of subsidiaries, tax planning structures, etc.) made every-day practice.


Copyright and data protection

Our lawyers provide legal consultancy services in the field of intellectual property law as well as it regards the protection of personal data.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Our lawyers were involved in several landmark deals. We are proficient in performing due diligence and drafting documentation for both share and asset transactions.

Labour and benefits

Our lawyers were involved in business restructuring activities moving to collective or individual redundancies. They offered day-to-day assistance to companies in collectively negotiating their employment contracts and assuring a smooth implementation of their group employee handbook.

Banking and Secured Transactions

Our lawyers have an impressive track record in structuring secured transactions.
Some of them were pioneers in developing documentation that brought North-American practice into Romanian law.


Our lawyers were involved for many years in the energy sector. They advised both energy producers and large industrial consumers in the fast moving market going for full liberalization.

The Romanian Academy awarded Professor Dr. Radu Rizoiu “Simion Bărnuțiu” Award – Legal Sciences for his monograph on “Civil guarantees”.
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Professor Dr. Radu Rizoiu participated as a speaker at the fourth edition of the NATIONAL BANKING LAW FORUM, with the theme “The disruptive impact of emerging technologies on the banking system”.
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Issue 2/2022 of the Romanian Journal of Private Law appeared – “The future of research in private law” – and Mihaela Gherghe is among the co-authors with the article entitled “The finality of final provisions or the impact of boilerplate clauses on the contract”.
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